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Made in Germany.

Founded in 1923 by brothers Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe, Loewe is one of the true pioneers of television.  In 1931 Loewe demonstrated the world's first electronic television at the World Radio Fair in Berlin, inventing television as we know it today.  Since then Loewe innovations have included the first tape cassette recorder, first portable TV, first stereo TV, Europe's first colour TV, first internet connected TV, first integrated system for 3D sound and Europe's first OLED TV.

Today Loewe TVs are arguably the finest in the world.  Designed and manufactured in Germany, combining exquisite design with state-of-the-art technology, exceptional craftmanship and the finest materials available.

Loewe's deep knowledge of image processing and acoustic design together with the very latest components ensures that beauty is much more than skin deep.  Loewe TVs feature the latest OLED technology and High Dynamic Range (HDR) including Dolby Vision which combined with Loewe's software delivers a truly exceptional and natural picture.  Of course, unlike many other flat screen TVs available today, Loewe's stunning pictures are accompanied by class leading integrated sound systems for high clarity dialogue and dramatic movie soundtracks.  Every detail is considered from the simple, intuitive and beautifully designed user interface to cable management and audio system integration.

A complete entertainment experience, designed to complement the finest interior design.

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