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Sennheiser Headphones - The Pursuit of Perfect Sound

Sound – that's the name of Sennheiser's one obsession. We have already spent 70 years in deep research, harnessing our notorious passion for detail and profound fondness for innovation, to achieve what we believe in: The Perfect Sound. And we have no intention of slowing down. After all, doing things like we do, has made Sennheiser a global headphone brand with a solid reputation for excellence and European market leader.

But why exactly, you might ask…

… should I buy my next pair of headphones from this German family-owned business? Because, when we think of sound, we think of you! The times and places you want to enjoy your music- (basically anytime, anywhere), the style you prefer, not least how your ears pick up and channel audio signals. Headphones that make you feel as if you're right "there" with the artist.

Actually, we are the only major manufacturer…

… to draw from huge expertise in recording music – both in studios and live on stage – at major events using our range of wired and wireless microphones. Many of your favourite singers and bands could not, and would, not tour without Sennheiser at their side, in their ears, or in their hands. Trusting our stage microphones to pick up, transmit, and reproduce their sound just the way they want it. 

Sennheiser engineers are on-site throughout the rehearsals and shows, providing technical support and back-up to the sound crews – supplementing odd bits of extra kit and, where required, providing some additional 'not-quite-off-the-shelf' type solutions for specific performances on shows like the BRITs and the Eurovision Song Contest. Very few manufacturers are in a position to – or choose to – do this. This expertise comes with every Sennheiser product you buy – and it's proven by a number of Awards – including those recently from What Hi-Fi? for Momentum, the IE 800 and the HD 800 S.

So, put them on, relax, listen, and immerse yourself…

… in the emotion that the artist intended. Why not start your journey and pop into your nearest trusted Independent store for the very best service possible – relax, and enjoy an audition to the sound of your favourite music (selected models only)!

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